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Face++ is now the leading platform for face recognition service. It provides cutting-edge face technologies to a wide range of enterprises and developers.

Image++ is an advanced platform for image recognition services. It will provide the leading recognition services for general images as well as the refined technologies for specific high-valued objects such as human, car and text.

To be continued.

About Us

Megvii is one of the most innovated high-tech companies focusing on computer vision and artificial intelligence. Formed by a group of young geeks with the common dream, Megvii is creating the next-generation visual recognition engine named "eye of machine", which will enable the machines to see and further understand the visual world. In the "eye of machine" project, the leading visual recognition services, including face recognition, scene/object recognition, OCR, video analytics and etc., are provided for all industry and research communities. Eventually, we want to build a more intelligent world with Megvii technology inside.


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